Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cards for Soldiers; Part 3

Thanks for coming back! I have some more cards to share with you - made for our soldiers to send to their friends & families. This weeks cards are all similar. I intended to use this reindeer for our personal Christmas card. Until I started making them, and realized it took forever for each one. Some ended up as cardfronts for a swap...others stayed in a drawer until now. The first one is stamped on kraft cardstock, not my favorite. This was a completed cardfront, I trimmed a little of each side and put on the green cardstock...voila DONE!

 I also tried glossy cardstock - which I normally love, but didn't like the coloring on this one. It wasn't a cardfront, but pieces...I put them on the red piece and added them to the kraft card.

The three following cards are what I ended up duplicating over & over. Regular cardstock, masked and stippled reindeer, glaze gelly pen on nose and ribbon around Rudolph's neck. The first two, are almost identical...I applied the ribbon to the back of the kraft cardstock; flipped it over and realized it was upside down. Oops! So I had to re-do it correctly (in my mind). Errors can be covered up or used.

After making up a number of these at the crop, I ran out of words; but still had reindeers. I'm glad I had a piece of the patterned paper (pre-cut of course)...and I like this card better. Stamps: retired TAC.

I'm not done...come back next week for another group of cards.  :)

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